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Pfalz, Luger Geiersteine, Route "Die Sandbank", 8-, Climber Frieder Lange, Foto shouting
Frankenjura - Püttlachtal - Pottenstein - Bike Fotoshoot
Mathias Weck - preparing camera for diving - Bali

Art Visuell – a child of the 90’s


Godfather for the name Art Visuell was the term “Audio Visuell“ what was a general term in the creative business. The main purpose of Art Visuell was to make technic useful for creative art. Technic should be a basic thing that helps expressing artistic ideas, it should not be in the focus or center of any artistic project. Art Visuell started with analog photography, sound and video technic, to make art perceptible for all senses. It made effects possible, that we are so used to in our digital lifestyle, but still with analoge technic. Slide shows with very complex masking technic are just one example. But never to show off with effects, only to enhance a artistic statement. It was possible through high quality projection equipment and computerized control of many, many slide projectors, tape or video recorders and players.

USA - climbing in Smith Rocks Oregon - "Chain Reaction" 5.12c

Content with passion

Not only the technical side, also the content had a great variety from the beginning on. Beside trade shows and stage presentations for leading German firms a multimedia show about the Paiute-Shoshone Native Americans was produced or breathtaking photo story’s about the still young freeclimbing scene. The content came with the passion that Mathias Weck had for adventures. Not only the climbing, also the scuba diving and free diving open up some new horizons and technical challenges.

USA - Arches National Park in winter

Professionell passion

The technical equipment, that Art Visuell is using, has gone through a fast development in the last years. But the core remains the same: using up to date technic to make artistic statements where the technic stays in the background and is not used to show off with some effects. In the last years, Art Visuell was able to establish the company as a reliable media partner in many business lines.

Publications of the 90's

Published Magazines from Art Visuell - Mathias Weck